Acorn Squash ( Cucurbita pepo. Var. Turbinata )

Acorn squash ( Cucurbita pep.  Var.  Turbinata)    which is also called in other parts pepper squash or Des Moines squash is a winter squash.   The squash is indigenous to North and Central America according to various sources.    The squash was introduced to the early European Settlers by Native Americans.    The name Acorn does not stick to this squash randomly.  If you take notice this squash has a form of an acorn, but a slight bigger.

             Squashes are believed to be the oldest cultivated food in North America. Squashes were grown and eaten extensively by the Pueblo tribes of southwestern United States as well as the famous tribes of the Apaches, Hopi ,  Havasupai, Papago,  Pima  , Zuni , Navajo and Yuman Tribes.   The  Squashes   shells were also used as water recipients  by the native north American Indians, Aztecs and the and Central American  Mayans. This squash  is a good source of dietary fiber and potassium. They contain also amounts of vitamins C, and B magnesium and manganese. Another produce of Tropical Fresh which carries a great history  and a healthy profile to be enjoyed at your dinner table.

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